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Structural Insulated Panel Specs

General Description

Our structural insulated panels are a high quality urethane injected foam core panel. The are used in light commercial, multi-family, and residential construction. They can be used as wall, roof, and floor panels. This one-piece unit replaces conventional stud framing and bat insulation. Our structural insulated panels come with a limited warranty. Ask your dealer for more information.

Our structural insulated panels are composed of a polyurethane foam core sandwiched between 2 pieces of 7/16" Oriented Strand Board. The polyurethane core is a glue that bonds directly to the OSB and provides the strongest bond in the industry. Our structural insulated panels come complete with adjoining lumber, door jams, window cuts and frames, and electrical conduit chases and J Boxes.

Physical Properties

Insulation: Polyurethane, 2.2 pound density, 7.69 R-value per inch, UL rated Class 1 closed cell foam. Contains no formaldehyde or CFC's. Polyurethane is also a glue and when injected under pressure forms one of the strongest bonds in the industry. Exterior skin: 7/16" Oriented Strand Board. OSB shall be identified on the panel with an APA or PFS performance mark, with an Exposure I durability rating. Minimum physical properties shall be tested and as described in APA PRP-108 or PFS PRP-451.

Panel Thickness: Our structural insulated panels come in 2 different sizes.  4.0" wall/roof panel, 6.5" wall/roof/floor panel.

Structural Properties: Our panels are engineered to meet all current building codes.

Fire Specifications: UL rated Class 1 foam. Flame spread of 20 (ASTM E-84) Smoke Developed of 300 (ASTM E-84) Polyurethane is a thermoplastic, which will not melt. If left to itself it will not support combustion.

Protection: Panels should be covered at all times before installation. Make sure there is proper drainage around and away from panels before installation. Keep all panels elevated above the ground when storing.

Warranty: Our structural insulated panel's carry a limited warranty. Contact your representative for details.

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